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Summer Ready Feet are not just for ladies, More men are looking after their feet.

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

As we move out of the long cold nights and short days of winter, the chores and jobs of spring come round again. Gardening and household maintenance and renewals now bring themselves to the fore.

It may come as a surprise to many that foot health can slip backwards in your list of priorities.

Its easy to see why- often we wake and dress in the dark ,return home in the cold and dark and by early March have potentially not given our feet a second glance for nearly 6 months!!!

6 months of neglect for your loyal friends who have carried you through yet another winter , not once complaining or failing to work.

During this period your toenails will have grown at a slower rate and your feet may have worked harder to regulate your body temperature. Your footwear will have been exposed to the elements and there may have been occasions where you were unaware that your foot wear remained damp and cold day after day. You may be a regular sportsperson and again that pair of damp wet boots gets thrown in the bag until next weeks game. Your nylon football socks may wash perfectly and retain the vibrant colour you remember from when you purchased them 5 years ago or more.

When we actually stop and consider the toil we put our feet through isn't it time we invested some TLC in them.

At Deva Podiatry Foot Health Clinic we not only help you with medical conditions but can also advise you on best foot health practices to preserve your feet and improve their general condition.

Why not book yourself in for a foot health MOT and let us return your feet back to glory.

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