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Deva Podiatry Chester, Christmas E-giftcards available 24/7 from Sealand to New Zealand!

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Available from 16th November 2020, 24/7 you can now choose from 15 different Holiday Season designs for a Deva Podiatry Foot Health Clinic E-giftcard. Three of the designs are shown above. If you click on the images you will be taken direct to the SECURE Google Square Page where you can choose your desired style.

Yes, if you live in Sealand near Chester or New Zealand you can now buy a Christmas E-giftcard for your loved ones in the Chester, Cheshire and North Wales area.

New Deva Podiatry Online Electronic Gift Card In Association with Google and Square

Wherever you live in the World it is now possible to buy, send and receive a Deva Podiatry Gift Card!!!!

In August 2020 Square and Google My Business joined forces and introduced an electronic gift voucher system. Deva Podiatry Foot Health Clinic have a link to the dedicated Deva Podiatry gift vouchers by clicking here

The online gift card is safe, secure and conveniently available to be accessed 24 hours a day- perfect for last minute unexpected occasions. When you access the card you enter basic information, input the value required and choose one of nearly 30 card designs to personalise the card for your loved one. The payment is protected by Google and Square and forwarded to Deva Podiatry.

The designs are suitable for all occasions. The Deva Podiatry Electronic Gift Card is perfect for the forthcoming Holiday Season, infact any occasion that warrants or just for a gift to a loved one.

We have had requests for gift vouchers from around the world -as it would seem that far flung relatives unsure of how to purchase gifts and vouchers for loved ones in the Chester, Cheshire and North Wales area have identified via the Deva Podiatry Google My Business page that Deva Podiatry is a highly rated, best practice google reviewed safe and secure medical clinic to purchase an electronic gift voucher from!

NOTE:If you click on Deva Podiatry Google Reviews you can get up to date information on how our patients rate their experience.

If you have the good fortune to receive an electronic gift card and are unsure how to redeem it simply make contact with Deva Podiatry Foot Health Clinic by messaging us here or call the clinic for more help.

You may be wondering- "Who would actually buy a voucher as a gift for a medical treatment?"

That's a great question. What follows are some of the explanations given to us. Maybe one of them fits perfectly to that someone we all know that its just impossible to buy for!

"I've been telling my husband for years to go and have his feet looked at but hes always too busy".

"My Mum has struggled since she had a hip operation to reach and cut her toenails, this voucher might be a great way to introduce her to improved foot health carried out by a medical professional".

"My boyfriend has tried everything to sort out his fungal nail problem, this voucher might show him a professional treatment plan that he can believe in!"

" It would be nice for my husband to have his feet looked at professionally as his health is not so good these days."

" I live 4 hours away from Chester. If I purchase a block of vouchers it will ensure that my parents commence regular foot health maintenance that might keep them active as they get older".

" Your voucher is a perfect gift for my Aunt. We've mentioned the importance of foot health to her. With this voucher its a great way to encourage her to take medical advice."

" I slipped the voucher in with some new socks for my husband. We'd noticed his nails needed some attention. It was a perfect opportunity to get him to do something about it!".

" My husband works away and is home for the Christmas Period. Its a perfect gift to help him keep in control of his feet. His job requires him to wear steel toe caps and his toe nails are always damaged."

"My granddaughter is so difficult to buy for she lives in Chester and I thought how wonderful to give her a voucher when she visits at Christmas that she could use when she returns home in the New Year."


When you consider buying a gift card / voucher a positive consideration is that a gift card bought from a local business trading in your local area contributes tremendously towards supporting your local small business community. A Chester business supplying a service to the Local, Chester, Cheshire and Wrexham, North Wales area is invaluable to the area.

Whether you choose to purchase a gift card / voucher for podiatry treatment at Deva Podiatry Foot Health Clinic or another valued independent business you do so in the knowledge that you helping to support your local economy at this critical time.


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