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Deva Podiatry Foot Health Clinic, Westmi

Specialist Treatments at

Deva podiatry foot CLINIC


Our modern ground floor clinic offers ample free parking and is easily located  at 7 Manor Road, Westminster Park, Chester, CH4 7QW .

Click through to the google map on our bookings page.

Initial Podiatry /Chiropody Assessment & First Treatment


Initial Assessment & First Treatment

Because your feet are unique,your first appointment at Deva Podiatry Foot Health Clinic, Chester, will consist of an extensive foot and lower limb assessment with a Podiatrist who will listen attentively to your specific foot complaints.


We will take your full medical history and details of any medications that you take.

We need this information as certain medical conditions and medications can have an impact on your foot health.

We will complete a full examination of the foot and lower limb.Your circulation will be tested using  a doppler machine. A number of other non invasive tests are carried out . These assessments give us a clear understanding of your general foot and lower limb  health, think of it as a foot MOT. This allows us to tailor your treatments to your individual needs.

The assessment will give facts and evaluation regarding your current foot and lower limb status. If required , we can forward our findings to your GP. You will be talked through the findings and any questions you have will be answered in a clear and friendly manner.

This assessment is combined with an initial treatment of routine podiatry including toenail cutting, hard skin and corn removal and advising on any other foot conditions that may be present.

To offer best practice podiatry it is our belief that an initial appointment should be allocated an appropriate amount of clinician time. All initial assessments are allocated up to 40 minuets of time . Feedback from patients on this is encouraging with many citing the 40 minute time slot as highly beneficial in the post Covid-19 world. 

Routine Standard Podiatry/ Chiropody


Routine Standard Podiatry/ Chiropody

For those who have already had an initial assessment treatments range from nail cutting and corn and callous removal through to thickened nails, dry skin and advice on skin and nail conditions. This treatment is considered essential for those wanting to maintain good foot health.

Many patients opt for continuing foot health management as they have recurring factors. Here at Deva Podiatry Foot Health Clinic we offer flexible solutions to your ongoing foot health issues. Some patients return every 4-6 weeks and others find that with a degree of self management  they may need to return once or twice a year. Many are surprised to discover that under appropriate management they can extend the time between clinic appointments!

At Deva Podiatry we promote best practice modern podiatry. We work with you and for you. Quality time slots to carry out considered podiatry treatments and frequency of return to clinic discussed with you. This is what our patients highlight as a benefit of treatment at Deva Podiatry.

Nail Surgery (Following Podiatrist Consultation)

£385 for one nail. Additional nails £150. Includes 3 aftercare appointments

Nail Surgery (subject to assessment)​

If you have long-term issues with ingrowing/unsightly nails or a persistent fungal nail infection you may be suitable for nail surgery. It is a very simple procedure performed under a local anaesthetic where we remove all or a part of the nail, usually followed by the application of a chemical to prevent the regrowth of the problem nail.

If a decision is taken to commence nail surgery an appointment is rescheduled for you and the clinic is prepared to ensure that the surgery is carried out within a dedicated and sterile environment. A range of sterile nail surgery specific instruments and equipment is used for the procedure. We provide a full and detailed information pack with after care guidance.

Please be aware that under statutory regulations insurance to drive is void post-surgery and it is recommended that you make suitable arrangements to be collected from the clinic.

We further advise that full rest is taken for at least 24 hours post-surgery and that the leg (or legs) are elevated for at least 24 hours to ensure good healing.




It is our aim to ensure the very best practice in after care. Therefore, as part of the treatment plan we offer a further 3 follow up appointments.  At intervals of 1-2 days, 7 - 14 days and approximately 4 weeks post-surgery.

At each appointment the dressings will be removed, and the wound assessed for progress before further new dressings are applied. After this period and subject to agreement with the patient the wound is then self-managed by the patient.

Here at Deva Podiatry Foot Health Clinic Chester, we believe in providing you with as much detail as possible to help you make decisions on what for many can be traumatic or sensitive issues. We are happy to publish our price structure and in addition throughout the website we have included sections that explain in detail the full nail surgery process. You can find out more by clicking here. Alternatively you can read our blog posts on nail surgery here

Deva Podiatry Foot Health Clinic, Chester. Where your feet are in safe hands.

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Fungal Nail Fenestration ( The Lacuna Method )

£65 Initial Consultation

Fungal Nail Fenestration ( The Lacuna Method) 

Up to 60% of the population suffer to some degree with Onychomycosis or more commonly known as Fungal Nail Infection.Consulting with a Podiatrist and proactively engaging in a course of treatment can clinically cure fungal nail infection. Up to 60% of the population suffer to some degree with Onychomycosis or more commonly known as Fungal Nail Infection.
Clinical evidence now shows that consulting with a Podiatrist and proactively engaging in a course of treatment can clinically cure fungal nail infection.

How Can Deva Podiatry  Foot Health Clinic Help You?

A consultation appointment is booked an optional in clinic diagnostic test is carried out. This will test for the presence of dermatophyte fungal infection. If the test positively identifies Onychomycosis you will be advised on your suitability for a course of treatment. The cost of this initial session is £65 and £49 for the optional test.Further sessions are charged at £65 per session.

Course of Treatment

An initial treatment plan consists of 4 appointments spaced out over a four to six month period at intervals of 4 to 6 weeks. The growth rate of a nail in recovery is around 1-2mm a month. Changes in the condition of treated nails can be identified and recorded at each of the sessions.

The Treatment

The condition of all nails is recorded and charted. Photographs of affected nails are taken. This enables us to record progress at each stage of the treatment. The level of onychomycosis in the nail is determined by using a formula called the Onychomycosis Index. We are then able to develop your treatment plan.

The Procedure

Following examination and identification of the nails to be treated, the procedure will commence. Your podiatrist will drill into the affected nail with a series of micro surgical drills. This procedure is carried out without the need for anaesthetic. The micro holes created give a superb opportunity for the nail bed to be treated directly by sandwiching the active ingredient Terbinafine between the nail and the nail bed allowing direct penetration of the area infected with the fungus.

The number of holes drilled is dependent on the area of nail affected and can vary from 3 to 5 holes surrounding an “island” of fungus in the middle of a satisfactory nail to as many as 25 holes in a nail which is severely affected  by fungal nail infection.

The next stage is to hygienically extract the dust from the surface of the nail, before spraying the nail with Terbinafine. Terbinafine in spray form has proven successful in clearing the source of the fungal nail infection from the nail bed.

The procedure is then repeated for the remaining treatments on the course.

Deva Podiatry Foot Health Clinic have managed numerous fungal nail fenestration treatments to patient satisfaction. We are happy to publish our pricing structure for the process.

You can find out more information at our dedicated Lacuna Method page by clicking here

Or visit the Deva Podiatry blog here where you will find articles and discussion from ourselves and respected Podiatrists and Chiropodists on the treatment of fungal nail.

Podiatrist Managed Verrucae Treatment (Various Methods)

£65 Initial Consultation.

Prices vary depending on treatment method.

Seeking Professional Help for Verrucae


Whilst verrucae may disappear on their own, they can quickly become troublesome, spreading to other areas of your feet, growing larger, and often becoming painful.

Seeking professional help from a podiatrist can help you clear up your verrucae more quickly.


We recommend visiting us here at Deva Podiatry if your verruca is painful, has spread, multiplied, altered in appearance, or if it’s restricting you in your daily activities.


Causes Of Verrucae


Verrucae are caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV), a highly contagious virus. The virus thrives in moist, damp environments, such as changing room floors, swimming pools and communal showers. You can catch the virus simply by walking on the same floor as an infected person, which is why it’s so common amongst children and people who regularly attend swimming pools and gyms. 


Verrutop Verrucae Treatment

We are delighted to introduce Verrutop to the clinic. An EU approved treatment that is suitable for treatment of adults and children of 6 years of age and over.  Visit the dedicated pages that explain the treatment in detail by clicking here


Acid Treatment


Clinical acid treatments are much stronger than the branded products you buy from a pharmacy. They are used to disrupt the virus and cause inflammation provoking your body to make an immune response. This type of treatment usually requires several sessions. The procedure itself is painless, however some people  feel a little discomfort  2 to 3 days later when the acid starts to work.


Verrucae Needling


Verruca needling is a minor surgical procedure that’s carried out under local anaesthetic. It involves puncturing the verruca multiple times using a fine, sterile needle. This treatment pushes the virus into the dermis allowing the body’s immune system to recognise and destroy the virus.


An advantage of Verruca needling is that it usually only requires a single treatment. In a small percentage of cases a further treatment may be required.

We can not guarantee that every verrucae treatment will be 100% successful, but we can guarantee that we will be honest  in  offering the most suitable treatment for each individual patient, giving you the most up to date  information available  and discussing different courses of treatment will ensure that  you are always fully informed of the processes.

Orthotics & Other  Specialist Podiatry Chiropody

£65 Initial Consultation.


We have a range of orthotic insoles available in clinic. Following a consultation appointment with our lead podiatrist recommendations are made and suitable insoles can be supplied to you.

Bespoke Devices

To relieve and reduce pressure points we can create bespoke devices that can assist and help alleviate pain. Our experience with the skeletal composition coupled with many years clinical experience of bespoke manufacturing of aids can bring about suitable remedy.

The foot is a very complex component of the body. Over our lifetime various factors can combine to place huge pressures on our feet and lower limbs. A podiatrist is highly trained to specialise in this  field of medicine.

There are many complications to the lower foot. Some develop gradually over a long period of time; others arrive almost overnight.  An online search or inappropriate advice from a foot health practitioner, or an assistant in the foot-care aisle at the supermarket can in some circumstances aggravate your condition. 


When you consult with a podiatrist you get appropriate advice. If the condition is determined to be outside of our scope, we will explain why and in such circumstances are able to refer you on to a specialist in other fields of medicine.  Contact our podiatrist today -for all your podiatry needs.

Plantar Fasciitis  & Other conditions of the foot

We use our knowledge to identify and diagnose conditions that are impacting on your foot health. There are many aggravating conditions of the foot that a Podiatrist can advise on. 

Orthotics are a solution for some.For others the findings of an assesment may point towards gentle rehabilitation through detailed foot health exercise programmes.We can offer a range of solutions dependent on the findings of your consultation and in full consultation with you.

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