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All You Need to Know about Verrutop Verrucae Treatment for Children & Adults at Deva Podiatry Foot Health Clinic Chester

Deva Podiatry Foot Health Clinic Chester are pleased to announce the introduction of an innovative new therapeutic treatment  for verrucae- VERRUTOP  ©

 A treatment that is applied in clinic, by our professional lead podiatrist to ADULTS and CHILDREN as young as 6 years of age.


How Does Verrutop © Work?


  • Verrutop ©  acts by denaturing the verruca proteins through a caustic effect ( mummification).

  • Verrutop © causes a reaction and generates nitrites by denaturing viral proteins. Protein degradation is accelerated by salt compounds contained in the verrutop © formulation .

  • Verrutop © is safe and under clinic conditions its application is straight forward. Following application it does not interfere with a patients daily routine.

  • Verrutop ©  is supplied in a sealed glass ampoule containing 0.1ml of Verrutop ©  Complex. Your podiatrist will break the ampoule before administering it to the affected area. This area will have been prepared for treatment with specialist sterilised podiatry instruments.

  • One ampoule contains sufficient product to apply to 2 to 3 medium sized verrucae.When a patient presents with clusters of verrucae it may be necessary for additional ampoules to be required. In such an instance the patient will be advised of this. See pricing structure below.

Success in clinical trials prior to licensing

The products effect is seen below in the images that were presented by Galloni. Ch at the 27th EADV congress  France 12-18 September 2018. The product is classed as an EU Medical Device Class IIA CE0477




Treatment Price Structure & Conditions Of Treatment

Suitability for the treatment is determined during the initial consultation. In line with our appointment structure this is scheduled as up to 1 hour. Your medical history is recorded , preparatory podiatry work is carried out to the area of the verrucae and if you wish to proceed the first ampoule is administered  within this appointment .The fee is £65.

All ampoules are supplied sealed and contain 0.1ml of Verrutop © Complex - sufficient for application to 2-3 medium verrucae. Where a patient  has been identified as requiring substantial treatment extra ampoules will be supplied and administered in clinic within the appointment for £25 an ampoule.

A patient is scheduled to return to clinic  for follow on appointments every 10-14 days. Follow on appointments are scheduled for 30 minutes and the price of these appointments are £45 which includes the administering of one ampoule of verrutop ©

In an instance where it is determined that within a follow on appointment additional ampoules will be required the price will increase accordingly at £25 an ampoule.

As this is a medical procedure administered in clinic there will be a requirement to complete medical forms.

Children under 18 requiring treatment must attend clinic with their recognised parent or guardian. There will be an additional requirement to sign consent forms in relation to treatment of a minor.

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