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Deva Podiatry Foot Health Clinic COVID-19 Policy as of 14th May 2020

Instigated 1st June 2020, Latest Amendment 1st November 2020



Latest Development

 On 31ST October 2020 The Government announced that England would enter a 4 week lockdown commencing on 4TH November 2020. As a medical clinic governed by guidelines set by government and The College Of Podiatry we are able to continue practicing throughout this period. We will remain open for podiatry treatment of patients who have booked an appointment and returned to clinic the appropriate Covid-19 questionnaire ( You receive this electronically within 15 minutes of making an online booking.).

 As of mid October 2020 The Government has introduced risk based tiering designated by area.


A podiatry chiropody appointment is a prearranged medical appointment and as such even if an area is in lockdown a visit to Deva Podiatry Foot Health Clinic is deemed essential travel. Currently Wrexham, Flintshire, Denbighshire and Conwy are within the Welsh Lockdown. The Wirral, Merseyside, Warrington and Greater Manchester are Tier 3 and Chester Cheshire West and East are Tier 2.




The health and safety of both patients and podiatrists is paramount. Deva Podiatry have always focussed on exceptional Infection control; however COVID-19 has brought to the fore the need to introduce additional measures. This document is to be used in combination with documents from other organisations such as Public Health England and The College of Podiatry. There is a track and trace QR reader located at the entrance to the clinic and all visitors who enter the clinic have their temperature taken.

Additional Infection Control

Between each appointment to wipe with diluted bleach or clinell wipes;-

•    Doorknobs
•    Entire treatment couch
•    Patients chair within clinic
•    Podiatrists Chair
•    Keyboard, screen, and housing of I-Pad
•    Square payment terminal
•    Pen
•    Treatment Trolley
•    Counter- top
•    Light
•    Sneeze shield
•    Drawer handles, drill, doppler, cardio machine, doppler and any other items touched in the course of treatment
•    Skirting to the clinic

Also, to mop floor with diluted bleach, clinell wipes or floor wipes.


Personal Protective Equipment ( PPE)

The College Of Podiatry currently directs podiatrists to use tables 2 and 4 when deciding which PPE to use:

•    Gloves
•    Apron
•    IIR fluid resistant masks
•    Eye or face mask, depending on risk. Risk factors to be considered are which procedure, likelihood of patient being contagious and risk factors of the contracting COVID-19.

The College Of Podiatry suggests that a FFP2 or FFP3 mask will provide superior protection, therefore a combined IIR and FFP3 mask is ideal. The College advises that a face visor would, if this combination is not available, provide additional protection.

Before booking the appointment

The podiatrist will question the patient and, if an existing patient, refer to previous notes to ensure the patient meets the current criteria for treatment listed in the “ Decision Tree for Independent Practitioners” and the  “Treatment Grid during COVID-19”.

Before the appointment

•    The online COVID-19 triage form is completed
•    The patient consents to attending the appointment
•    It is explained to the patient that they must wait in the car until the allotted time
•    they will be required to wear a face mask, face shield or alternative suitable face covering.
•    they will need to wash their hands or use hand sanitiser upon attending 
•    that 2 metres distance will be maintained where possible 

•    they will need to attend on their own (exception where it is previously identified that a carer or guardian will attend)
•    Payment will be taken via card

On Arrival for the appointment

•    Any pedestrian patient must not arrive before their allotted appointment time
•    A patient travelling by car is to stay within their car until the allotted appointment time
•    A patient will be encouraged to wear their own mask or suitable face covering for their own personal protection
•    The patient will be directed to sanitise their hands prior to treatment or if a preference is made for washing hands      this facility is also available next to the treatment chair

Changes within the clinic

•    Worktop surfaces will be decluttered to allow for more efficient cleansing in between patients
•    All seating materials to be made of a wipeable material 
•    Sign at entrance to clinic highlighting COVID-19 guidelines
•    Tissues and hand sanitiser available to patients
•    Lavatory light to be left on
•    Patient appointments to be restructured to allow for adequate time to receive the patient, carry out the treatment and for the patient to exit the clinic without an overlap with previous or subsequent patient
•    An additional period of time to be allocated to the period post appointment to allow for satisfactory sanitising of the clinic
•    Patients who are known to be at higher risk from Covid-19 and fall within the vulnerable categories will be offered an appointment at the start of the session

Podiatrists Attire

•    Clean scrubs and socks to be put on in the clinic
•    Dedicated clinic shoes to be kept and used within the clinic
•    After session, scrubs and socks to be placed into a dedicated clinic laundry bag and put directly into washing machine upon bringing them into the house
•    After clinic session, podiatrist to go directly home and shower, laundering clothes that have been worn between clinic and house

VERSION 2:  Produced by Sarah Webber DATE: 5th June 2020

VERSION 4:  Produced by Sarah Webber DATE: 23rd October 2020
References and external links to governing legislation in relation to Covid-19. Click on the icons below to be taken to the relevant latest information on  coronavirus.




COP “PPE Clarification May 2020”
COP “ PPE inaccessibility guidance”
Public Health England “ Additional considerations, in addition to standard infection prevention and control precautions” table 4  “ Any setting. Direct patient / resident care assessing an individual that is not currently a possible or confirmed case ( within 2 metres)”




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