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Ingrown Toenail Emergency Treatment In Chester Clinic

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

The image above is published with the permission of the patient.

They made contact with the clinic and were seen at very short notice on a Saturday morning. The patient had researched and was concerned that Nail Surgery was their only option.

We booked the appointment and went through the necessary consultation. Fortunately, for this patient the root of his considerable pain was the offending nail spike shown in the image above. It was removed cleanly and efficiently and the relief and smile on the patients face is a reminder of what makes a Podiatrists work so satisfying.

Fortunately, at Deva Podiatry Foot Health Clinic we have a collection of highest quality instruments that are manufactured specifically for the job.

The beautifully rainbow coloured instrument pictured is a titanium coated instrument manufactured by Sheffield based Heeley Surgical Limited.

Since being introduced to Heeley Instruments we have slowly moved towards converting our stock of instruments to exclusively Heeley. When a nail surgery or ingrown toenail removal is required you can be reassured that the balance between precision and delicateness is met by the uncompromising quality in materials and construction used by this Great British Company.

Not only do they carry the CE mark but also they comply with the requirements of all ISO international management systems.

I know to some reading this will sound dull. Well earlier this week I ordered two sets of titanium nippers from one of my podiatry suppliers. They looked like Heeley , were priced similarly and critically carried the CE mark.

How disappointed I was when I received them. Sure enough on first inspection the nippers passed for Heeley. On closer inspection though, they were heavy and clunky and felt wrong. When I contacted my supplier I was surprised to discover that they were a generic copy made elsewhere. Maybe I missed the small print when ordering but what made it worse was that the supplier had available and in stock Heeley Nippers for a price of around 10% more.

How I wish that in the current climate we could be doing more to support the cherished British Companies and products who are losing out to inferior imitations on price rather than quality.

Quality will always command a premium price and for many they are reassured that whether its nippers or an emergency ingrown toenail removal - quality is never compromised.

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