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Shoes That Are Made For Everybody

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

In my previous post I went into a lot of detail about the huge permutations involved in shoe sizing and how when you take into account basics such as length and width there can be hundreds of differences in determining what is your actual shoe size.

Today I learnt from a patient that Chester has lost yet another of its valued retailers-Hotter.

Whilst not technically an independent store its loss will have a huge impact on a very loyal customer base who had become accustomed to Hotter quality across many styles of foot wear.The shoes have often been recommended for use where there are concerns over frailty.

I mention Hotter as by coincidence , today I received in the post a small quantity of catalogues from DB -WIDER FIT SHOES

Some of you will be familiar with their products and range of shoes as I know you ask for the new catalogues when they are available.

For others I include the following valued information.

A British shoe company based in the "Shoe Capital Of The World" Northampton. They still manufacture many of their shoes in Northampton and proudly display the Made In England Logo alongside such styles .

DB were the 2017 to 2019 winners of The Footwear Industry Awards in the category of Comfort Wellness Footwear Brand of the Year.

They actively promote the Healthy Footwear Guide in their literature.

Apart from offering shoes constructed of the highest quality materials they also include many more advanced and considerate features such as seam free panels ( great for reducing friction and cutting of the foot), extra length strap extensions and shock absorbent soles.

In the centre of the catalogue there is a helpful pullout section, on the one side there is an easy to order form that gives the choice of internet or traditional methods of ordering. On the other side there is a sizing chart that allows an accurate measurement of both the length and width of the foot to be taken. ( see the image below)

Whilst still on the subject of accurate foot measurements:-

If you ask most people from 10 years of age to 90 years of age they will be able to tell you their shoe size. Thats impressive, but are they actually correct?

I reached the age of 21 and settled in to my shoe size for a number of years at a size 5.

By the age of 30 and roll on 3 children, I discovered that my shoe size had increased one whole size to 6! Changes in the body over the years can have a further impact on your shoe size. Water retention , injury or movement in joints can be factors in the spread of your foot .

In short at the age of 21 you may have been a size 6 and were capable of choosing most of the off the shelf shoes that were available . As we grow older small changes in our body such as weightgain, injury and onset of aging diseases can dramatically alter our shoe size.

An in-depth study of shoe sizing in the USA found that nearly 9 out of 10 people studied had shoe sizes significantly different to what they had believed was there actual shoe size.

When you visit Deva Podiatry Foot Health Clinic you can be sure that our mission is to give you the best possible treatment. With us your feet really are in safe hands!

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