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VITALITY Private Medical Insurance- What you need to know:

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

VITALITY Insurance- What you need to know:

Prior to attending your appointment you must contact VITALITY for a pre-authorisation number and also determine how much your policy excess is set at. You can call VITALITY on 0345 602 3523. You can speak to VITALITY by clicking here

Please note that medical devices such as orthotics and supplemental medication are not covered by VITALITY.

Checklist - prior to attending your consultation at Deva Podiatry Foot Health Clinic you will need to :

  • Ensure that you gain a pre authorisation number from VITALITY

  • You may require a GP referral prior to attending

  • You will need to pay your policy excess direct to Deva Podiatry

  • Contact VITALITY if you are in any doubt regarding your policy coverage prior to attending your Podiatry consultation

Understand how much your excess is on your policy and what fees are covered by your policy and advise the clinic accordingly. In most cases you will pay for your consultation and then claim back your fees with the appropiate submission of an invoice.

VITALITY Procedure codes for podiatrists:

VITALITY initial consultation: No code required

VITALITY follow up consultation: No code required

VITALITY nail surgery: S6400

VITALITY injection: W9030

Deva Podiatry Foot Health Clinic, Chester, Sarah Webber, VITALITY provider number via Healthcode Registration SP100361

Disclaimer: All information provided is correct as at December 1st 2020.Information is deemed as contact details and reclaim procedures in respect of policies issued by VITALITY to their clients. Deva Podiatry are not a client of VITALITY. Deva Podiatry Foot Health Clinic are registered with the HCPC under registration no: CH32605 and via Healthcode through registration with the Private Practice Register for the purpose of transacting Private Health Insurance Authorised payments. It is the duty of the insured to ensure that their policy is valid for the purpose of utilising it for podiatry treatment.

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