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Deva Podiatry offers gold standard podiatry treatment with extensive knowledge and experience working to N.I.C.E. ( National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) guidelines. With many years clinical experience within the NHS, Sarah established her private practice in 2018. We are proud to say that we have gained a reputation for exemplary practice but don't take our word for it see our reviews for yourself!


To experience the skills and knowledge of Deva Podiatry for yourself, book an appointment today and lets discuss how we can help you.

" A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"-  Lao Tzu



Initial Assessment &  First Treatment

A first assessment involves taking a full detailed history of your foot complaint . We will need to know any medical conditions and medication that you take. We complete a full physical assessment  including Neuro-vascular testing followed by a standard treatment incorporating   a treatment plan tailored to your individual needs. 

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Routine  Standard Podiatry/Chiropody

For those who have already had an initial assessment treatments range from nail cutting and corn and callous removal through to thickened nails, dry skin and advice on skin and nail conditions. This treatment is considered essential for those wanting to maintain good foot health.

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£300 for one nail.

Additional nails  £100

Inclusive of 3 further aftercare dressing appointments

Nail Surgery (subject to assessment)

If you have long term issues with ingrowing toe nails which cannot be helped by routine treatment or thick unsightly nails then you may be suitable for nail surgery which is a  simple procedure performed under local anaesthetic where part or the whole nail is removed and a chemical is applied to prevent regrowth.


£295 package includes:-

Initial Assessment, clinical diagnostic test, 4 additional appointments /treatments at 5-6 week intervals. 

Fungal Nail Fenestration

Up to 60% of the population suffer to some degree with Onychomycosis or more commonly known as Fungal Nail Infection. Consulting with a Podiatrist and proactively engaging in a course of treatment can clinically cure fungal nail infection.

Fungal Nail Infection  can be treated using a procedure known as fenestration. This procedure allows for direct access to the nail bed the area where infection can take hold. The active ingredient TERBINAFINE  is applied into the nail bed through the nailgiving the opportunity for the nail and bed to recover from the infection.

Wart verrucas plantar. Fasciitis Wart on

From £52

Treatment Prices vary dependent on individual needs

Verrucae Treatment

Whilst verrucae may disappear on their own, they can quickly become troublesome, spreading to other areas of your feet, growing larger, and often becoming painful.

Seeking professional help from a podiatrist can help you clear up your verrucae more quickly.


We recommend visiting us here at Deva Podiatry if your verruca is painful, has spread, multiplied, altered in appearance, or if it’s restricting you in your daily activities.

Hands in rubber gloves hold an orthopedi

£50 diagnostic consultation

additional cost  for suitably prescribed orthotics


We have a range of orthotic insoles available in clinic. Following a consultation appointment we can suggest suitable insoles for you.

Bespoke Devices

To relieve and reduce pressure points we can create bespoke devices that can assist and help alleviate pain.

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