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Updated: Nov 10, 2020

One of the questions I get asked when somebody makes an initial enquiry is " We notice that your appointment for an initial consultation is up to 60 minutes. When we look elsewhere the norm seems to be 30 -45 minutes, why such a difference?"

My mission when I made the decision to embark on private practice with Deva Podiatry Foot Health Clinic, was to make the experience not only as robust and detailed as possible but also ensure that within the period of time allocated to the appointment I could allow for the trepidation and anxiety often faced by people in new situations.

When you make the decision to come to Deva Podiatry you do so knowing that you are visiting a clinical professional with a skill set and knowledge base that can address your ailment. It is why I hold a degree in Podiatric Medicine and built up many years of expertise in acute areas of podiatry within the NHS.

It may be that your issue has been underlying for sometime. You may have reached the point that something needs to be done and a clinical diagnosis is needed. It is common that some people are anxious seeking a resolution.

Will the podiatrist be friendly and patient?

Will the treatment be gentle? If I show nervousness, will the podiatrist recognise this and be kind and reassuring?

Will the chiropodist pay attention to my issues?

Just some of the thoughts that may go through your mind when considering making your first podiatry appointment.

In recognition of such genuine issues, in the founding days of Deva Podiatry a decision was made that up to 1 hour for an initial appointment was necessary to provide a satisfactory space of time to address concerns surrounding an initial treatment.

You may be looking for a podiatry clinic on behalf of a relative who needs easy access to a ground floor clinic. This might just be one of your requirements. Limited mobility may mean that you or your loved one needs more time to prepare for the treatment and when the treatment is completed- again there may be a need to complete at a slower pace to allow for your limited mobility. We fully understand and in addition by allowing up to 1 hour for your initial assessment we can go further with the detail of the treatment.

There is never any pressure on you to re-book. That decision is yours based on the satisfaction you have received and your willingness to take notice of our recommendations and advised treatment plan. If you do re-book and commence maintenance podiatry, the routine treatment is typically up to 40 minutes. This is in line with most podiatry clinics.

Where there may be additional needs identified from an initial treatment that may require a slightly longer appointment we will work with you and accommodate your needs.

By allocating up to 1 hour for your initial treatment we try to ensure that subject to you arriving on time that period is for you. Throughout the appointment there is no distraction , ambient music is played in the background and the focus is on you. No interruption from phones or leaving you waiting,whilst I check my social media!

You may wish to attend an appointment with a companion in attendance , no problem. We recognise the Equality Act 2010 and offer access to guide dogs if the need arises.

We haven't just looked at routine podiatry treatments. In the process we determined that for the more complex chiropody / podiatry treatments there was the potential for extra needs in developing a best practice approach.

Nail Surgery is an area of podiatry where we are able to resolve what for many has been a long term anxiety. If it is determined that surgery is recommended, we will never pressure you in to having the procedure. There may be a number of factors that determine your preparedness for surgery. We understand, and it is quite common for a patient to delay until they feel comfortable.

When this decision is finally made we ensure that the period before and after a surgery is blocked off. You will arrive to a quiet clinic. The clinic is fully prepared, equipment is sterilised and set out at the start of a surgery. Consent forms and surgery check lists are completed. We will often timetable surgery for an evening or Saturday afternoon so as to ensure a calm environment and allow a better start to your recovery.

if this is your first time researching podiatry /chiropody I hope this post gives some reassurance to you, remember too a post can convey a positive message but if you want it reaffirmed and have more questions either contact us via the contact us form or alternatively you can call us on 01244 680365 and speak directly to me or leave a message for me to return your call.

Happy to help.


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