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High Clinical Hygiene And Sanitizing Within Clinic

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Working in a health profession and responsible for face to face interaction with patients requires a podiatrist to be fully engaged in all aspects of infection control.

Infection control is a requirement or ongoing commitment of my CPD ( Continuous Professional Development). I am committed to attending courses and lectures that will guide me to ensure that at Deva Podiatry Foot Health Clinic, I strive to attain best practice methods of control.

I was delighted to discover that locally located within Chester, there is a manufacturer of products related to infection control called Medipure. It is always my desire to source supplies of products and goods as locally as possible, when it is a product that is of relevance to clinical hygiene within my podiatry clinic , then even better!!

The company in question is who are based at Saighton, Chester and manufacture in North Wales under a brand called Suprox.

At the time of writing February 23rd 2020, their is ongoing concern over the spread and containment of the Coronavirus. It seems natural that I should review my in clinic procedures.

The range of products delivered today cover a broad range of personal and clinical hygiene within a clinic setting. The range is effective against MRSA, E-coli, Salmonella, Listeria, Mycobacterium and C.difficile spores.

Suprox - High Level Surface Disinfectant & Sporicidal Solution intended for cleaning and disinfecting hard surfaces.

Suprox - ANK wipes. These are Bactericidal, Virucidal, Fungicidal and Sporicidal preventing wipes suitable for wiping down areas such as the clinic chairs.

Suprox - Hand sanitiser pens that contain a solution of suprox for self cleansing of hands.

Any patients visiting the clinic can be reassured and that we are maintaining standards. They will also be offered the opportunity to sanitize prior to the commencement of treatment.

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