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OSGO Foot & Ankle Show 2020- Liverpool

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

For the past five years ,around about this time in mid October I look forward to the opportunity to visit an Internationally recognised Podiatry Exhibition that is dedicated to all things podiatry related.

As a podiatrist who gained their Podiatry degree from Salford, did her training in the region, works within acute diabetic podiatry in the Liverpool area and has a private practice in Chester I am especially proud of the fact that The Foot & Ankle Show has been held initially at Salford and in the last couple of years in Liverpool. The shows organiser is a highly motivated fellow podiatrist from Manchester.

Sadly in 2020 as events unfolded it became clear that the ability to hold such an exhibition in a conference centre would be all but important.

The good news is that OSGO pulled out all the stops and were able to transform the show into an online virtual reality version of the usual show.

On Friday 16th October I spent a number of hours visiting over 50 exhibitors who had signed up to the exhibition hall of the virtual conference.

Many of my suppliers were present and were showcasing new and exciting developments in the field of Podiatry and Podiatric Medicine.

There were suppliers from across Europe, North America and Australia who had embraced this new online concept.

Over the coming months, I have identified a number of exciting new developments in podiatry that I hope to incorporate into the podiatry services offered at Deva Podiatry Foot Health Clinic Chester.

In addition there are a number of new products available to the United Kingdom that may be of benefit to patients in easing some of the daily discomfort they face from various foot health conditions. Some of these products would not normally be supplied via a podiatry treatment or a direct recommendation from a podiatrist but are never the less worthy of featuring in a future blog post as they are technically or medically advanced enough to review.

Day two of the exhibition and I was able to relax at home on the sofa, earbuds in and with the ipad in front of me whilst some of the leading speakers in the field of Podiatry gave online accounts of the future of podiatry.

Overall it was a positive experience and the team at OSGO need commending for their vision and dedication to ensuring that a digital exhibition was a credible alternative.

As a health care professional I am doing all that I can to ensure that safe practices are in place in these difficult times. From Online booking and Covid-19 questionnaires to implementation of QR Codes for track and trace. We never stop looking for ways to minimise risk to patients and ourselves.

This week we introduced into the clinic a small additional safety improvement. When you enter the clinic the hand sanitizer is now contained within a sensor activated dispenser!

Deva Podiatry where your feet and now your hands are in safe hands!

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