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Health Insurance Payments For Podiatry

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

A frequently asked question from patients is " Will you provide a detailed receipt for me , so that I can claim my treatment back from my insurer?"

Well over the years we have found that different insurers have different criteria for determining how they make payments towards podiatry treatment.

Fortunately some insurers make it simple. My experience has shown that where a patient pays for the treatment direct to myself, I am able to provide directly to the patient an invoice stating the treatment received and confirming that payment was made directly by the patient.

My invoice states the business address, my qualification and critically my HCPC registration number.

It is important to note that the HCPC REGISTRATION is recognised as a mark of confidence in professional standards applied by a practitioner. Not just by the patient but by organisations such as insurers.

You should check with your insurer prior to treatment as to whether you will have your payment reimbursed.

Don't forget that when you make payments we are able to take most cards as well as cash and even in 2020 the very, very occasional cheque!!! Whether you are reclaiming from insurance or not we will always be pleased to provide you with a receipt or invoice for your podiatry treatment.

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